What is Propane Odor Loss?

2nd Jan 2019

What is Propane Odor Loss?

Propane oder loss is also referred to as Odor Fade.

Propane in it's natural state is odorless.  Manufacturers add a smelly chemical called mercaptan to cause the propane to have a stinky smell which aids in leak detection.  

In some situations, propane inside your propane tank can loose its smell.    


Here are three reasons:

  • Contaminants like water, air, and rust in a propane tank or cylinder can reduce the mercaptan concentration.
  • When a propane gas line is leaking in the ground, propane passing through soil can reduce the odor in propane.
  • Also, the odor could stick to (be absorbed into) the inside walls of gas piping.

Report any concerns about propane odor loss to the company that delivers your propane or to your local fire department.  As a safety precaution, you might consider purchasing a propane gas detector.  

What is Propane Odor Loss?

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