DOT & ASME Steel Tanks

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Propane tanks for sale in capacities of 5 lb (1.2 gallon), 10 lb (2.4 gallon), 11 lb (2.6 gallon), 20 lb (5 gallon), 30 lb (7.5 gallon), 40 lb (10 gallon), 50 lb (11.8 gallon), 60 lb (14 gallon), 100 lb (24 gallon). 200 lb (45.6 gallon), and 420 lb (120 gallon).  We offer corrosion resistant steel or light weight aluminum, horizontal vs vertical, low profile and standard shapes. Our prices of propane tanks is always discounted to ensure you the best value at a cheap price.

DOT specifications requires that cylinders of 40 lbs or less are equipped with an OPD safety device and have POL and Type 1/QCC ACME threads. Please note that the cylinder's requiring these features are labeled accordingly.  Consult your appliance manufacturer's owner manual to determine cylinder type and size required.

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