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Why Does my New Propane Tank Need to be Purged?


New propane tanks and cylinders must be purged!   


  • New propane tanks for sale like the 20 lb (5 Gallon) cylinder shown above are generally shipped with air pressure, sometimes as much as 100 PSI, to provide a balance of pressure while being shipped over various altitudes. 
  • Air may contain certain levels of moisture and other contaminants.  Air should be removed from the propane tank before filling with propane. The purging process involves more than just lowering the air pressure. 
  • Failure to purge the air pressure will prevent the tank from being filled completely.
  • Air left in a propane bottle will negatively affect the burners on your appliances, causing the flame to be unstable.  Your propane burners should burn clean and blue like the picture on the right.
    New Propane Tank Purging

National safety codes state that new tanks may contain water, air, or other contaminants, and that it is essential that these be removed before filling the container for the first time and placing it into service. 

Do not take your new tank to a gas station or the average R/V dealer for this first time purging service. Save yourself a lot of trouble and frustration by taking your new tank to a certified propane dealer in your community to ensure that your propane appliances burn properly and safely.

More useful information will be provided monthly.  Want to learn more about propane? At the bottom of this page just provide the contact info requested.

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