Propane Tank Gauge Sticking?

11th Sep 2019

Propane percentage gauge is stuck.

What can I do about a sticky percentage/volume gauge?

A Propane Tank with a gauge ..can have problems?

How does a gauge work?

  • The gauge on your propane tank is driven by a shaft inside the tank with a magnetic tip that resides just under the gauge body. 
  • When the inside float moves up or down with the liquid volume, the shaft turns, thereby magnetically turning the dial needle inside the external gauge. (see attached picture)

What can you do if you think the gauge is stuck or not working?

  • Simply take any magnet and move it back and forth over the top of the gauge. 
  • If the needle is free, it should move back and forth and then settle on the correct volume once you remove the magnet.  
  • If the needle is stuck, your local propane company may be able to replace the gauge.  

Propane percentage gauge is stuck.

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