Propane Tank Pressure Increases with Temperature

Temperature Increase will Impact Propane Tank Pressure.  

For Example:

  • At zero degrees F, pressure = 37 psi
  • 50 degrees F, pressure = 86 psi
  • 80 degrees F, pressure rises to 140 psi
  • 110 degrees F, pressure elevates to 220 psi 

That is why it is important that: 

  • Propane tanks are filled properly, stored properly, and in the correct storage position for the tank design.
  • A propane tank is never stored in the trunk of a vehicle or in a garage or building.
  • Propane tanks are turned off and service valve plugged when not in use.
  • Your ASME and DOT propane tanks are not stored next to a source of ignition.

Additionally: When painting a propane tank, choose colors that  transfer less heat from the sun.  Avoid dark colors like black.