Why Does Ice Form on the Outside of My Propane Tank?

Why Does Ice Forms on the Outside of My Propane Tank?

Ice can form on the outside of your propane tank!  This can happen even on a hot day!  Why?

First you need to know a few facts!

  • Propane in your tank is a liquid under pressure.
  • Propane liquid boils (converts to vapor pressure) at temperatures greater than -44 degrees F . That is right ...44 below zero! 
  • When propane vapor pressure is reduced inside of the tank, then the liquid propane boils to replace lost vapor pressure.
  • Propane liquid (when boiling) extracts heat from the steel of the propane tank.

So why does Ice form?

  • If the vapor pressure withdrawal exceeds the capacity of the propane tank's ability to absorb heat, then ice forms on the outside of the propane tank.

For a more detailed explanation, please read our Blog article on this subject located at:  https://www.propanetankstore.com/blog/why-does-ice-form-on-the-outside-of-a-propane-tank/