Damaged Merchandise and Warranty Policy

Damaged Products and Freight Claims

Please be advised that Propane Tank Store is an on-line e-store for Panadab, Inc., a Washington based corporation, hereafter referred to as Panadab. During our past 40 years of serving retail propane customers, we have diligently worked to provide value and quality for each and everyone. To ensure your satisfaction we ask that, prior to your purchase, you read the following important information.

Purchases will appear on your Credit Card as Panadab, Inc.

Buyer assumes all responsibility for the proper selection, installation, operation and maintenance of the merchandise purchased from Panadab and agrees to use only certified installation contractors for the installation of new equipment and/or certified service repair men for repairs that may be needed for warranty repairs or otherwise.

All claims are to be handled through your local installation contractor and with the local/regional manufacturer’s representative or freight shipper.

Panadab does not accept responsibility for delivery or damage of merchandise or equipment shipped by a common carrier. Freight claims are to be handled directly with the shipper.

Merchandise should be inspected upon arrival and damaged merchandise rejected. Contact the manufacturer's warrant service department for further information and direction.

Carefully read all manufacturer instructions prior to any installation and follow applicable local, state, and national codes.

Panadab does not provide or agree to provide any direct warranty or reimbursement for out of pocket expenses to the customer for warranty repairs or installation cost. Manufacturer warranty policies vary depending on your location and availability of local factory approved warranty service centers. Contact the manufacturer for further information regarding your location.

Manufacturer's Tank & Equipment's Warranty Statement (Re-print from Manchester Tank's Warranty Statement)

Manchester Tank & Equipment Co., corporate office at:  1000 Corporate Centre, Franklin, TN 37067.  Warrants that all tanks and cylinders my it will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service when installed and used in accordance with all applicable state and local laws and regulations.  

Defects in material or workmanship shall be corrected at the option of Manchester, by repair, replacement or refund.  In the event a repair is not commercially practicable or cannot be timely made, the item will be replaced or with the consent of the consumer, a refund may be made.  This warranty does not cover damage resulting from abuse, misuse, negligence or accident; nor from problems resulting from failure to comply with all applicable state and local laws and regulations or problems caused, in whole or part, by alteration or modification to the product.

This warranty does not cover transportation to and from service locations, loss of time, inconvenience, commercial loss, loss of use, incidental charges or other consequential damages.  All such repairs will be made by authorized service centers.  

This warranty shall be for the term of three years on D.O.T. products and one year on A.S.M.E. products from the date of the sale by the dealer to the consumer.  Upon demand by Manchester or the service center, the consumer shall produce the original sales contract or receipt to identify the date of purchase.