Propane Tank Regulators - Size Matters!

Propane Tank Regulators - Choose Wisely, Size Matters!

It does not matter if you have a large propane tank or a small 5 gallon propane cylinder, almost all applications require a pressure regulator.   A word of caution - one size does not fit all applications.  One regulator may work well on a gas grill but may be too small for a home heating system. Always seek the assistance of a certified gas technician when making a regulator selection.  Regulators must be able to: 1) produce the proper pressure, 2) and the proper BTU requirement for the total of all propane burning appliances connected to the gas line.

What propane facts are considered by a certified gas technician when choosing a regulator?  

  • Total BTU requirement of all gas burning appliances connected to the propane tank.
  • Distance of travel from the propane tank or propane cylinder to each appliance.
  • Diameter of the propane gas lines to include main supply line and any gas line that branch off of the main line.
  • Manufacturer recommended pressure requirements.

Propane regulators guidelines you need to know!

  • Propane regulators are manufactured for a variety of applications.
  • Some deliver 10 psi while others deliver 11 inches of water column (approximately 1/2 psi)
  • Also some regulators are considered adjustable medium pressure regulators and are used in special applications.
  • Some are single stage and others are two stage.

Propane Safety Lesson:  To void injury or death to yourself or others, NEVER try to install your own propane gas line, regulator and/or appliances.  Get help from a professional propane gas service person.