Recertification is not provided by our company.  This information is provided as a customer service safety feature.

Cylinders are subject to recertification (also know as requalification) twelve years from date of manufacture and every five years thereafter.  For example, a cylinder manufactured in January of 2020 will have to be recertified in January of 2032.

Over the life of a propane cylinder it may be exposed to any number of corrosive elements, it may be dented or the valves may begin to leak or malfunction.  The recertification inspection will identify these potential safety concerns.

The recertification process is simple and does not take long to complete.  Think of cylinder recertification as an inspection similar to that of your car.  A vehicle has to be inspected so that it may continue to operate safely on the road.  Similarly, a propane cylinder must be inspected so that it may continue to operate safely.