Propane Tank Filling Safety Warning!

18th Sep 2019

Always wear gloves when filling a propane tank?   Why?  To prevent sever frost bite! When refueling a propane tank, liquid propane is pumped from a storage tank to your smal … Read More

Propane Tank Gauge Sticking?

11th Sep 2019

What can I do about a sticky percentage/volume gauge?A Propane Tank with a gauge ..can have problems? How does a gauge work? The gauge on your propane tank is driven by a shaft … Read More

Safety Tips - Smell Gas? Turn off Tank!

7th Jun 2019

Safety Tips - What to do if you smell propane! 1. NO FLAMES OR SPARKS! Immediately put out all smoking materials and other open flames.  Do not operate lights, appliances, telephones … Read More

What is Propane Odor Loss?

2nd Jan 2019

What is Propane Odor Loss?Propane oder loss is also referred to as Odor Fade. Propane in it's natural state is odorless.  Manufacturers add a smelly chemical called mercaptan to cause the propa … Read More