Things to know about propane tank pressure?

14th Sep 2019

Is pressure inside my Propane Tank Temperature Sensitive?

Yes and that is an important question!  


Ambient temperature affects propane pressure. 

As an example, for any volume of propane inside of a propane tank when at 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the pressure is about 128 psi.  If the temperature is lowered to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the pressure is about 78 psi.  If the temperature is lowered further to zero degrees Fahrenheit, then propane pressure will reduce to 24 psi. 

Therefore, using propane appliances and propane tanks in colder climates can present issues that require professional assistance such as selecting the propane tank size.  Additionally the wide variation in possible pressure changes is one reason why using a two stage pressure regulator is important.

Contact your local propane distributor for assistance.  Additionally, some people think that pressure can be used to determine how much propane is in a tank.  That is incorrect.  Pressure readings do not translate into volume readings.

What is the pressure inside my propane tank?

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