What is Propane Odor Loss?

2nd Jan 2019

What is Propane Odor Loss?Propane oder loss is also referred to as Odor Fade. Propane in it's natural state is odorless.  Manufacturers add a smelly chemical called mercaptan to cause the propa … Read More

What in the world is a BTU?

2nd Jan 2019

What in the world is a BTU?BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. A BTU is defined as the amount of energy required to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.   Facts: A gallo … Read More

Smell of Propane - Bees

26th Mar 2014

Why are insects swarming my propane tank? Bees and flies are attracted to the smell of propane.  A propane smell results only if there is a propane fuel leak somewhere in your p … Read More