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Purging New Propane Tanks and Propane Cylinders


Purging - Essential for New Propane Tanks!

When filling your new propane cylinder for the first time, it is different than filling a used tank.  When your new tank  arrives, be sure to read the manufacturer's special "Purging Instructions" found on an adhesive label attached to the outside of the tank. 

  • Caution:  Do not attempt to take your new tank to a gas station or R/V dealer for the first filling and purging. 
  • Go to a certified propane company in your community. 
  • Once this initial process is done, you can fill your tanks any where desired.
  • Failure to follow these instructions will very likely result in many different problems with filling the tank and the operation of your appliances.  

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Purging New Propane Tanks and Cylinders

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