Is Your Small Propane Tank Stored Safely?

7th Jun 2019

Propane Cylinder Storage? Be Safe?

What do you need to know to safely store small propane cylinders?

  • Never store or place a propane tank in areas with excessive heat.
  • Never store a spare cylinder under or anywhere near a BBQ.
  • Never smoke or have an ignition source around propane tanks.
  • Have a safety inspection performed annually.  Sometime the valve stem packing can leak.

Never store or transport propane cylinders in the truck of your car, enclosed pickup bed or trailer.

Safe Storage of Propane tanks

Why are these safety rules so important?  

  1. Because propane vapor is colorless and heavier than air.
  2. You can not see leaking propane vapor.
  3. Leaking propane vapors will settle at ground level.Propane Tank Storage and Leaks
  4. Propane will settle in low level pockets.
  5. Accumulations can be explosive.

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