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What does Propane Smell Like?


What does Propane Smell Like?

Excellent Question!  Some people say the treated propane smells like rotten eggs, while others think it smells like a skunk.
Propane is odorless in its natural state so a chemical is added to ensure that leaks can be detected.  

Propane smell

If you smell propane there is a chance that you have a gas leak or an appliance venting problem and you should immediately call 911 or your local fire department.  Don't stay in the building but get out until a professional has given the "all clear to return".   If you can do so safely, then shut off the valve on your propane tank to stop the flow of gas.

Used properly, propane and propane cylinders can provide many benefits from heating your home, grilling your steak, heating hot water and much more.

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