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What in the world is a BTU?


What in the world is a BTU?

A BTU or British Thermal Unit, is the amount of energy required to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.  


A gallon of liquid propane contains 91,502 btu's.

A pound of liquid propane contains 21,591 btu's.   

What is a BTU?

How is this information helpful?

Knowing how many gallons of propane are in your propane tank and if you know the combined total BTU demand of each appliance you are using, then you can determine the approximate length of time that your propane inventory will last.  Don't forget to factor in the length of time each appliance may burn on any given day.

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Why are insects flying around my Propane Tank?

Why are insects flying around my Propane Tank? Insects are attracted to the chemical placed in your propane to give it that nasty smell.  When you see insects flying around your propane tank it may be an indicator of a propane leak and which should be investigated immediately. Insects may detect the leak long before you see, [...]

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What is Propane Odor Loss?

What is Propane Odor Loss?Propane in it's natural state is odorless, so manufacturers add a chemical called mercaptan to cause the propane to smell which aids in leak detection.  In some situations, propane inside your propane tank can loose its smell.    How?                         [...]

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Smell of Propane - Bees

Why are insects swarming my propane tank? Bees and flies are attracted to the smell of propane. A propane smell results only if there is a propane fuel leak somewhere in your propane tank or gas line system. If insects are present, you need to have a professional gas technician check out your system to ensure it is safe.We [...]

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Why squirrels can be dangerous?

Squirrels can be dangerous to Propane Equipment?Why? Many recreational vehicles (RV's) have propane regulators that are attached to the propane cylinders by rubber connectors. Squirrels are attracted to and often eat holes in these connectors thereby causing high pressure propane fuel leaks. This leaking propane can ignite from the R/V’s water heater, furnace, refrigerator or any other source of [...]

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What is the pressure inside my propane tank?

What is the pressure inside my Propane Tank?That is an important question!  Why? Propane pressure is directly related to the ambient temperature. For example, any volume of propane contained in a propane tank at 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the pressure is about 128 psi, at 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the pressure is about 78 psi and at zero degrees Fahrenheit, the propane pressure can [...]

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What is the chemical composition of Propane?

What is the composition of Propane? The fuel delivered in your propane tank is C3H8 which means that there are three parts carbon and 8 parts hydrogen.When propane combines with oxygen (O2) during the burning process, it creates water (H2O) as a by-product.Propane is clean burning, but the residual water must be properly discarded. For most appliances [...]

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