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How Can I Check for Leaks on my Propane Tank?


Checking for Propane LeaksHow to check for a propane leak! 

Checking for propane tank leaks is easy if you have the right product. 

  • Most propane dealers or R/V stores sell a liquid product available in a spray bottle that will bubble when sprayed fittings that has a leak. 
  • Any leak will be visible by the appearance of bubbles.

You may have heard about mixing your own solution with liquid kitchen soap and water but BEWARE,  Your homemade solution may not react properly, either by not creating bubbles or it may be corrosive to your gas line and/or fittings.  

Even though propane tanks are corrosion resistant, steel propane cylinders are susceptible to rust and pitting.  That is why some customers choose to purchase aluminum propane tanks.  

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Where does Propane come from?

Where does Propane come from? The propane can be found in a mixture of gases that naturally collect above pockets of crude oil found underground.  However, most propane sold today is a product of the refining process of crude oil. Become a member of our newsletter and learn more.  We provide brief but informative information.

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Can I paint my own propane tank?

Can I paint my own propane tank? Yes but consider these facts: Caution is needed when deciding to paint a propane tank or even your small propane cylinder. White and silver colors are the most common used by manufacturers for a special reason.  These colors [...]

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What is the chemical composition of Propane?

What is the composition of Propane? The fuel delivered in your propane tank is C3H8 which means that there are three parts carbon and 8 parts hydrogen. When propane combines with oxygen (O2) during the burning process, it creates water (H2O) as a by-product. Propane is clean [...]

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