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Purging New Propane Tanks and Propane Cylinders


Purging - Essential for New Propane Tanks!

When filling your new propane cylinder for the first time, it is different than filling a used tank.  When your new tank  arrives, be sure to read the manufacturer's special "Purging Instructions" found on an adhesive label attached to the outside of the tank. 

  • Caution:  Do not attempt to take your new tank to a gas station or R/V dealer for the first filling and purging. 
  • Go to a certified propane company in your community. 
  • Once this initial process is done, you can fill your tanks any where desired.
  • Failure to follow these instructions will very likely result in many different problems with filling the tank and the operation of your appliances.  

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Purging New Propane Tanks and Cylinders

Why Does my New Propane Tank Need to be Purged?

New propane tanks and cylinders must be purged!   Why?     New propane tanks for sale like the 20 lb (5 Gallon) cylinder shown above are generally shipped with air pressure, sometimes as much as 100 PSI, to provide a balance of pressure while being shipped over various altitudes.  [...]

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How can I Know if I Have an OPD Valve on my Propane Tank?

How can I Know if I Have an OPD Valve on my Propane Tank? National code requires propane cylinders from 4-40 pounds have an OPD.   "Over-Fill Protection Device" (OPD) valves are manufactured with a specific shape to quickly identify them from older valves that do not have the OPD feature.   [...]

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