Propane Tanks - Full or Empty?

25th Mar 2014

How much volume remains in my propane tank?

How much propane remains in my tank?

Imagine that propane is in the tank-cut-away shown here.

The fuel level in your propane tank is easy to find out!  

  • First, you need to know these two things! 

That propane is stored inside your tank as both a vapor and liquid.

Vapor pressure sits on top of the stored liquid volume. 

  • Second, here is what you need to do!

Pour very hot water, in a straight line, down one side of the outside tank wall.

The steel in contact with the vapor will turn warm and the steel in contact                        with the liquid will remain cold. 

So how does that help you know the propane fuel liquid level?

Simply run your finger down the area warmed by the water.  

When you feel the steel turn cold, you have located the beginning of the liquid level.

This process works for a R/V propane tankforklift propane tankbbq propane tank, or boat propane tank.  In other words, any propane vessel.  

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