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Propane Tank Storage? Not in your Car!


Propane Tank Store... Tip# 6

Never store a propane tank in your car or truck?

Propane tanks stored in any building, car, truck or other enclosed structure can be extremely
dangerous.  This guideline holds true for  vertical propane tanksforklift propane tanksmarine tanks, yes all propane tanks.

Every propane tank has a pressure relief valve.  These relief valves are designed to discharge the contents of the tank should the pressure setting of the relief valve be activated by an excessive pressure event. This discharged pressure will immediately find any source of ignition, thereby causing a fire and/or explosion.

Storage of Propane Tank

Safe propane tank storage requirements and codes need to be considered when transporting in confined areas.

Using a flammable product like propane requires safe storage and use.  Yes it requires that the user is well informed! We make an effort to assist with our educational articles.  Stay informed by completing the request at the bottom of this page for newsletter subscribers.