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Can the Weather Affect my Propane Tank and Supply System?


Can the Weather Affect my Propane System?

Propane tanks and related gas components can be affected by weather.  

For Example.

Flood waters may: 

1) Float your propane cylinder and damage the connections. 

2) Plug or damage the propane tank relief valve.

3) Enter the top (atmospheric side) of your propane regulator and compromise its function.

Propane tank damage

Ice formation may:

1)  Damage or break gas connections.

2)  Cause propane tank regulators to malfunction.

Propane tank freezing

Heavy Snow may:

1) Block gas vents

2)  Damage or break gas connections from the propane tank or to the house.

Propane tank snow damage

If any of these conditions occur, it is recommended that you shut off your propane supply at the propane tank and contact your local propane specialist to schedule a safety inspection.

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