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Why is Ice on my Propane Regulator?


Regulator Freeze upIce on on my Propane Regulator!  Why?

  • If there is moisture in your propane tank, the water vapor will condense and freeze as it travels through the regulator.  
  • This freezing action will block the flow of propane supply and your appliances will not work.

How can this be fixed?  

Contact your propane delivery company and request that they inject ethyl alcohol into the propane cylinder.  Do not attempt this process by yourself.

How can icing be avoided?

Ask your propane delivery company to inject ethyl alcohol into your tank as a precaution.

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What is the pressure inside my propane tank?

What is the pressure inside my Propane Tank?That is an important question!  Why? Propane pressure is directly related to the ambient temperature. For example, any volume of propane contained in a propane tank at 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the pressure is about 128 psi, at 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the pressure is about 78 psi and at zero degrees Fahrenheit, the propane pressure can [...]

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