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Propane Tank Pressure Increases with Temperature

Propane Tank Pressure Increases with Temperature

That is why propane cylinders and propane tanks are filled and stored properly.

How much internal pressure increases as the temperature rises?  A lot!

  • At zero degrees F, pressure = 37 psi
  • 50 degrees F, presssure = 86 psi
  • 80 degrees F, pressure rises to 140 psi
  • 110 degrees F, pressure elevates to 220 psi 

Be sure:

  • Forklift propane tanks are filled properly and stored outside of your building.
  • Never to store any propane cylinder in the truck of a car or building.
  • Burnisher tanks, sometimes called propane buffer tanks, are turned off when not in use.
  • Your ASME and DOT propane tanks are not stored next to a source of ignition.
  • Marine propane cylinders are properly painted and stored as per code.